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You’re probably looking to review some of the top kitchenware products. One of the biggest problems online is finding honest, comprehensive reviews. Well look no more, I actually try most of the products myself and post how I feel about it. If I didn’t buy the product, I get unbiased reviews from family, friends and real customers.

On this site, you’ll find reviews of a variety of products. I disclose the advantages as well as the disadvantages of each product.
If a product you’re looking for is not on this site, feel free to contact me and I’ll find out information or purchase the product and provide my own personal review!

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My Little Pie Maker Product Review

My Little Pie Maker is a perfect tool in making delicious pies at home. Pies are not just popular among kids but also for those kids at heart. Whether you serve it as quiches, hot pies, or sweet pies, these mini scrumptious desserts are a great hit for everyone.

Can this pie maker create delicious pies in minutes?

This amazing pie maker is the quick and easy way to make delicious mini pies in just 10 minutes. This pie maker is a non-stick silicone pie pans that makes your pie easy to get out. The design is perfect to use in toaster ovens and best for parties, cookouts, holidays, or anytime. It comes with a pie cutter to help you cut perfectly shaped pie base and attractive design and a spatula so you can lift, transfer and serve them.

Is this pie maker worth your money?

Charlene is a pie enthusiast since she was a child.

“When I was a little girl, my mother and I would bake pies in the kitchen together”, Charlene said.

“This made me a pie enthusiast and I continued to bake pies until I moved out. When I saw lil pie maker, I had to buy it. I liked the idea of baking warm little pies in no time without hassle”.

“As a grown woman, I love this little pie making kit”, Christine added.

The popularity of My Lil Pie Maker is slightly diminishing due to some inconsistency on the product. First, you still have to spray some PAM before you load the pie so they come out fine. In addition, you have to put a metal pan underneath the pie maker to ensure that nothing moves and the pies hold their shape.

Using this pie maker, you can make four different flavor pies at a time. It is like hitting four birds with one stone, simply amazing! You can now enjoy baking pies together with your kids and celebrate those special occasions in a completely different way. Kids and adults will have their own individual-sized pie with their own choice of fillings.

With this small pie maker, you can bake up to four mini pies at a time. All you have to do is to press in the piecrust, fill it with your favorite filling, set the upper if you want, and put it in the oven and bake.

I love my pie maker. It is great for all my kid’s parties and weekends with the family. ~Megan T. from Grand Rapids, MI.

Desserts will never be the same again with this pie maker. You can do flavorful pies in minutes and make your family meals full of smiles and laughter. Want more? When you buy one, you get one free! Are you craving for more? When you buy now, you will receive:

  • Two pie makers
  • Two spatulas
  • Two pie cutters
  • Two instruction and recipe guides

This offer is not available in stores, so order your own pie maker by clicking here and filling out the form.

This My Lil Pie Maker set together with bonus spatulas, pie cutters and instructions will be sent free with an additional P&H. You can send your feedback and results obtained using this product. You can be included in our testimonial site by sending us your full name, address and picture.

Update: 1/25/13 Our research has found that people interested in the Little Pie Maker have been getting great results using the Little Pie Maker”.

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Orgreenic’s Flip Jack-Revolutionized Pan Cooking

Planning to buy Flip Jack? You can never be certain of what’s up ahead, but one thing is for sure, though: we all have to go through crap sometimes. The worst is when it happens right from the beginning of your day. For instance, it would be when it’s just a few minutes prior to the time your required to arrive to work and you just have to make a quick bite for breakfast — while the two sunny side eggs were almost done, the yolks were screwed ’cause you’re just not good flipping like the veritable Cooking Master Boy … or the spatula’s to blame! Either way, it sucks. Anyway, you’ve landed on this page simply ’cause you want to put a halt to this recurring issue, which can be possible through the Flip J-Pan. To learn more about the product, how it works and how it benefits you not only once but through a long haul, keep reading.

Winnowing The Vital Elements

The product is proudly presented to the marketplace by Orgreenic and has accumulated positive reviews from a lot of its users. Why? There is no better way to know than to try it yourself. But anyway, Flip Jack — as you may know — is a highly revolutionized cooking pan that is anything but average. The conception of the pan was focused on the integration of a dual hinged cooking system, incorporated with other essential elements such as the surfaces being nonstick and nontoxic. While the surfaces are made ceramic, these two major factors abstain from inducing fat upon the process of cooking simply because they cut the requirement of having to add oil, butter or anything that can be implied for greasing. Without fail, that is. Also, you wouldn’t need to trouble protecting your hand with a pan holder because of the Flip Jack’s conveniently cool handle.

To Buy Flip Jack for Breakfast and More – Fast, Easy, Economic and Efficient

Given that this innovative product is mainly designed as a dual-surfaced pan, it allows you to make a successful grasp of your cooking orgreenic flip jackwonders. The Orgreenics ceramic material is a rapid conductor of heat, which requires very little amount of flame coming right from the stove. The symmetry of that would be low consumption of gas and short ETA for cooking. As mentioned, there’s no need to add any greasing material on surface — all you have to do is set those eggs right away onto to surface. It can handle not only one, but up to the three eggs for amicable sunny sides. For the most part, the brainchild of the product’s creation revolved around cooking pancakes without any mess and flipping with just one hand. All you have to do is place your preferred batter on the surface, close the lid and flip when you think the other side is brown enough. Additionally, the lid is fully secure and does not let any of the batter drip from the sides upon flipping.

Testimonials, Pricing, Shipping and Etc.

If you want to have an initial feel about the sophisticated pan, might as well check out its brief introductory video from Orgreenic’s website or from YouTube where you can read a couple of the many testimonials that should help you decide if it’s a good buy or not. Top comments would include “The very first product ad that is not stupid” by Sam Musaev” and “Found it for 15 dollars last night. Happy with the results.” by an anonymous user. Prices vary, but if you visit, you will see the pan is offered for for $19.99 plus 7.99 for shipping and handling with a special promo of getting another one for a low additional fee of $12.99, which ropes in a recipe guide and batter pitcher. If you’re ordering from outside the US, you will incur an additional 10-dollar shipping fee. Nevertheless, the site warrants its consumers with a 100% money back guarantee if dissatisfied — which is, of course unlikely to happen.

In conclusion — based on what are covered in this Flip Jack review — for an easy-flip pan that runs on a 15 to 23 dollar figure, it’s worth the purchase for the value it establishes through above-the-average features it incorporates. Whether you plan to surprise the kids for a choco-chip loaded pancake special, grilled-cheese for a snack or a simple omelet, the Flip Jack Pan should be the ideal cooking utensil.


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