What are the best ways to incorporate technology into your kitchen routine?


So you’ve got the latest and greatest kitchen gadgets and gizmos, but now you’re wondering how to actually use them to make your cooking routine more efficient. Between smart ovens that can be controlled from your phone, voice-activated assistants ready to set timers or look up recipes at your command, and meal prep tools that practically do the chopping for you, the options for upgrading your kitchen experience with technology are endless.

The key is figuring out what’s really going to streamline your cooking in a meaningful way. Not sure where to start? We’ve got tips for the best ways to incorporate tech into your kitchen routine, from simple voice commands that will save you time to smart appliances that make home cooking practically hands-free. By the time you’re done reading, your kitchen will be smarter than ever.

Use Smart Speakers for Hands-Free Cooking

Smart speakers are game changers in the kitchen. With hands-free voice commands, you can play music, set timers, convert measurements, and follow recipe instructions without touching an device.

Use voice commands for hands-free recipe assistance

Instead of propping up your tablet or using messy cookbooks, have your smart speaker walk you through recipes step-by-step. Say something like, “Hey [speaker name], read me the ingredients and instructions for chocolate chip cookies.” Your speaker will list each ingredient and direction so you can keep your hands free for mixing and measuring.

Set multiple timers at once

Baking multiple items or courses? Have your smart speaker set separate timers for each. Say, “Set a timer for 15 minutes for the chicken and 20 minutes for the rice.” Your speaker will keep track of both countdowns and alert you when it’s time to check on each item. No more overcooking or burning one part of the meal!

Play music to match your mood

Whether you want upbeat pop music for energy or soft jazz for a relaxing brunch, your smart speaker can play whatever music suits your cooking mood. Use voice commands like, “Play some classic rock music” or “Shuffle my cooking playlist.” The music will continue uninterrupted so you can focus on being the chef.

Get quick conversions and measurements

Forget scrambling to find your measuring cups or converting ounces to grams. Ask your smart speaker for instant conversions and measurements. Say “How many tablespoons are in a half cup?” or “Convert 350 Fahrenheit to Celsius.” You’ll get an immediate answer so you can adjust recipes and ensure accurate measurements.

With a smart speaker in your kitchen, technology enhances your cooking rather than distracting from it. Use voice commands to unleash your inner chef and craft meals with confidence and ease. Bon appetit!

Set Timers and Alarms With Your Smart Watch

A smart watch is more than just a fitness tracker these days. The latest models can connect directly to smart home devices, like the appliances in your kitchen. One of the handiest features is using your watch to set timers and alarms.

Whether you’re cooking pasta, baking cookies, or roasting vegetables, setting a timer on your wrist means you can keep an eye on what’s happening in the oven without running back and forth to check the clock. Most watches allow you to name each timer, so you know exactly which dish needs to come out when the alert goes off.

Beyond basic cooking, a smart watch timer comes in handy for other kitchen tasks. Set an alarm to remind yourself to flip the laundry, stir a simmering pot of soup, or check on how the rice is doing. Timers are also useful for more mundane things like taking the trash out or unloading the dishwasher.

With everything going on while you cook and clean, it’s easy to lose track of time. But using a smart watch to set multiple named timers and alarms means nothing gets burnt or forgotten. You’ll get alerts on your wrist the moment each timer is up so you can stay on top of everything happening in your kitchen.

Between the convenience and peace of mind, a smart watch timer is a must-have tool for any tech-savvy home cook. Once you start using one, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it. Your perfectly cooked meals and stress-free kitchen routine will prove how valuable this simple feature can be.

Stream Cooking Shows and Music on a Smart Display

Streaming cooking shows and music on a smart display while cooking can make your time in the kitchen more enjoyable and inspiring. Smart displays with built-in streaming services give you access to thousands of cooking videos and songs to follow along with as you chop, sauté and bake.

\n\n###Find Instructional Cooking Content

Connected smart displays like the Echo Show, Google Nest Hub and Facebook Portal offer access to cooking video content from networks like Food Network, Tasty and Bon Appétit. You can search for recipes and technique tutorials for the dish you want to make. Following along with a video as you cook helps ensure you don’t miss any steps and can pick up useful tips from the instructors.

Some additional options for streaming cooking shows and recipes on a smart display include:

  • Food Network Kitchen – Thousands of on-demand cooking shows, recipes and live classes. Integrates with Echo Show and Google Nest Hub.
  • Tasty – BuzzFeed’s popular cooking channel offers short recipe videos ideal for following along in the kitchen. Available on Echo Show and Google Nest Hub.
  • Bon Appétit – Hundreds of recipe videos and cooking technique tutorials from the renowned food magazine. Access full content library on Echo Show and Google Nest Hub.
  • YouTube – Although not specialized for cooking, YouTube has a vast collection of recipe videos, cooking shows and music to stream on smart displays. You may have to filter through some unrelated content.

\n\n###Play Cooking-Themed Music

Smart displays also give you access to streaming music services so you can play cooking-themed playlists as you work. Options include:

  • Pandora – Create a “Cooking” station to play a mix of songs with food and cooking references. Available on Echo Show and Google Nest Hub.
  • Spotify – Follow cooking-themed playlists like “Songs to Cook To” and “Dinner Party” or create your own playlist of favorite cooking songs. Access on Echo Show and Google Nest Hub.
  • iHeartRadio – Choose from iHeartRadio’s selection of cooking music stations and podcasts like “Comfort Kitchen” and “The Splendid Table”. Stream on Echo Show, Google Nest Hub and Facebook Portal.

Playing some upbeat music, your favorite podcast or a cooking video in the background can make time spent cooking and baking more enjoyable. Smart displays make streaming cooking media effortless so you can follow along, learn new skills and spice up your time in the kitchen.

Get Recipe Inspiration and Nutrition Info With Food Apps

Food apps are a great way to discover new recipes and get nutrition information for the ingredients in your kitchen. Here are some of the best options:


This popular app and website has a huge collection of recipes from home cooks and professional chefs. Browse by category like “Most Popular,” “Quick & Easy” or “Healthy,” or search for a specific ingredient. The recipes include reviews, photos and nutritional information. You can save favorites, create shopping lists and connect with other cooks.

Food Network Kitchen

If you’re a fan of shows on the Food Network, their app is a must-have. It features recipes from star chefs like Bobby Flay, Giada De Laurentiis and Ree Drummond. Search recipes by show, cuisine, meal or dietary need. The step-by-step recipes include photos and videos. You can save recipes, get push notifications for live shows and connect to smart home devices like the Echo Show.


This popular health and fitness app has one of the largest food databases, with nutrition information for over 6 million foods. Easily track the calories, carbs, protein, fat and other nutrients in your homecooked meals by entering the ingredients. The app can save frequently used ingredients and meals. You can also scan barcodes to instantly add packaged foods. Seeing the nutritional breakdown may inspire you to make some healthy swaps in your recipes.


Calling all foodies! Yummly has recipes from leading food websites, magazines and bloggers. Browse trending recipes, new cuisines to try or curated collections. The recipes can be filtered by dietary needs like vegan, gluten-free or low carb. Yummly provides nutrition information and will suggest similar recipes you might like. You can also add recipes from anywhere on the web by using the Yummly bookmarklet or app.

These food apps make it easy to discover new favorite recipes, learn the nutritional values of what you’re cooking and get inspiration for healthier and more delicious meals. Why not download a few and see which ones you like best? Your kitchen routine will thank you.


So there you have it, the best ways to bring technology into your kitchen and elevate your cooking game. Whether you opt for a smart speaker to guide you through recipes hands-free, a multi-functional cooking gadget to do the work for you, or smart lighting to set the mood, integrating tech into your cooking routine can make the experience more enjoyable, efficient, and flavorful.

The possibilities are endless once you start exploring all the smart options out there. Pick one or two to start, get comfortable with the tech, then build from there. Before you know it, you’ll be commanding your kitchen like a pro and whipping up gourmet meals with the click of a button. The future is here, so why not bring it into one of the most social and cherished rooms of the home? Happy tech-enhanced cooking!


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