Which innovative storage solutions can help declutter your kitchen?


Ever find yourself frustrated by a messy, cluttered kitchen? Between pots and pans, appliances, pantry items, and everything in between, keeping a kitchen organized can feel like an impossible task. But what if there were clever storage solutions that could transform your space and make tidying up a breeze? Good news – there are innovative products designed specifically with small kitchens and clutter in mind.

In this article, you’ll discover storage ideas to help declutter your kitchen once and for all. From pull-out cabinets to sliding drawers, turntables to wall racks, you’ll find options for all your kitchen stuff and spaces. Get ready to fall in love with your newly streamlined and organized kitchen!

Wall-Mounted Racks and Shelves: Create Space Where There Was None

Wall-mounted racks and shelves are space-saving superstars in a cramped kitchen. They utilize vertical space that’s otherwise wasted, getting items up and off your counters.

Mounted racks are ideal for pots, pans, and lids. Look for racks that are height adjustable so you can raise or lower them as needed. For shelves, consider open shelving, cabinets with glass doors, or mesh cabinets. Open shelving is casual and budget-friendly but leaves items exposed. Glass or mesh doors strike a balance, keeping dust off while still displaying your wares.

When mounting anything, be sure to find wall studs for the most secure installation. For drywall, use heavy-duty anchors rated for the weight you need to support. With the right hardware in place, the possibilities are endless!

You can mount a knife block, paper towel holder, spice rack or magnetic strip for knives and tools. Mounted wine glass racks and stemware holders keep these fragile items safely stored yet readily at hand.

Floating corner shelves create a spot for small appliances so they’re not competing for counter space. Mounted drawer systems attach to walls for cutlery, utensils or pantry goods.

For an industrial look, pipes and boards can be fashioned into DIY shelving. Copper or aluminum tubing bent into shapes also make attractive shelves and racks.

With some racks, shelves, and creative mounting solutions, you’ll gain extra space for all your kitchen gear. Your counters will be clear and clutter-free, and everything will have its place in your newly organized room. Now that’s an upgrade worth celebrating!

Under-Cabinet Organizers: Use That Wasted Space Efficiently

Under-cabinet organizers are a game changer for cluttered kitchens. That wasted space above your counters and below your cabinets is prime real estate for storage.

Magnetic strips (-) are an easy solution for small items like knives, scissors, and cooking tools. Just secure the strip under your cabinet and the magnets will keep everything in place.

Pull-out drawers (-) are ideal for heavier items. Install them under your cabinets and you instantly have extra storage space for pots, pans, and appliances. Look for drawers specifically designed for kitchen use that can handle the weight.

Lazy Susans (-) are a spin on traditional drawers. They rotate for easy access to everything inside. A lazy Susan is perfect for storing spices, canned goods, or other small kitchen essentials.

For an industrial look, wall racks (-) and rails (-) attach under your cabinets to hold items like pots, pans, and cutting boards. They keep everything up and off the counter, but still easily accessible.

Baskets (-) are an easy, budget-friendly option. Attach a few woven baskets under your cabinets to corral items like snacks, bags of rice and beans, cleaning supplies or kitchen linens. Label each basket to make items easy to spot at a glance.

With these innovative storage solutions, you’ll be well on your way to a decluttered kitchen. Make use of that wasted space under your cabinets and transform it into efficient storage zones for all your kitchen gear and pantry items. Your counters will be clear and your kitchen will feel like a breath of fresh air.

Pull-Out Pantry Organizers: Easy Access to Everything

Pull-out pantry organizers are a game changer for any kitchen. They make all your pantry items easily accessible while keeping everything neat and tidy. No more digging to the back of the cupboard only to knock over three other items in the process.

With pull-out drawers, you can see all your spices, snacks, and canned goods at a glance. They pull out smoothly for quick and easy access. Look for organizers with non-slip mats or rails to keep everything in place, even when fully extended.

Some options to consider:

  • Spice racks: Pull-out spice racks keep all your spices alphabetized and visible. No more fumbling through a jumble of spice bottles.
  • Can organizers: Can organizers have specific slots for different sized cans and jars. They keep everything upright and prevent dents or dings.
  • Basket drawers: Multi-purpose basket drawers are ideal for boxes of pasta, rice, granola bars, and other bagged or boxed items. They corral similar items together in one place.
  • Lazy Susans: For corner cabinets, lazy Susans are a space-efficient solution. They spin for access to items in the back that would otherwise be hard to reach.
  • Tilt-out bins: Tilt-out bins are great for small items like packets, pouches, and other odds and ends. They tilt forward for easy access then slide back into place.

Upgrading your pantry with pull-out organizers creates an efficient and organized space. Your ingredients and snacks will be easily accessible and clutter-free. No more frustration trying to find what you need or wasting time reorganizing a messy pantry.

Investing in high-quality, full-extension pull-out organizers may seem pricey upfront but will transform your pantry into a functional space you’ll use and appreciate every day. Your upgraded pantry will make cooking and baking more enjoyable and hassle-free.

Sliding Drawers: Keep Items in Place and Within Reach

Sliding drawers are an innovative storage solution that can help declutter your kitchen and keep items organized and within easy reach.

\n\n### Pull-Out Drawers

Pull-out drawers, also known as sliding drawers, glide out smoothly so you can see and access everything inside. No more having to dig to the back of a cabinet and push things around to find what you need. Pull-out drawers are ideal for storing pots and pans, utensils, cutlery, pantry items, and more.

Look for heavy-duty pull-out drawers that can handle the weight of pots and pans. For utensils and cutlery, shallow pull-out drawers with built-in dividers will keep everything neatly sorted. Pull-out drawers also work great as a pantry drawer for keeping snacks, granola bars, tea, and other items within easy reach.

\n\n### Under-Cabinet Pull-Out Drawers

Another option is under-cabinet pull-out drawers that mount to the bottom of wall cabinets or base cabinets. These provide extra storage space and keep items hidden but accessible. Under-cabinet pull-out drawers are perfect for storing knives, kitchen tools, linens, and other items you want out of sight but close at hand.

Look for under-cabinet pull-out drawers specifically designed for kitchens that can handle the humidity and heat. Stainless steel or powder-coated aluminum frames and slides are ideal. For ease of access, look for pull-out drawers that extend at least 2/3 of the way out.

\n\n### Customize to Your Needs

The great thing about pull-out drawers is that you can customize them to meet your specific needs. Look for options that come in a range of widths, depths and heights. You may want shallow 2 to 3 inch-deep drawers for cutlery and utensils, and much deeper 6 to 8 inch-deep drawers for pots and pans.

Some pull-out drawers also come with built-in dividers so you can create compartments for different types of items. With so many options, you can create storage solutions tailored to your kitchen and the way you cook.

Pull-out drawers are an easy way to declutter your kitchen and make everything inside your cabinets more accessible. No more digging to the back of cabinets or pushing things around to find what you need. With pull-out drawers, everything inside your cabinets can stay neat, organized and within reach.


You’ve explored some innovative storage solutions to help declutter your kitchen and make the space more functional and organized. Whether you go with magnetic strips to store knives and tools, drawer dividers for cutlery and utensils, or a multi-level corner organizer for everything from pots and pans to spices and snacks, you’re sure to gain back some much-needed countertop space. Pick and choose the options that work for your unique kitchen setup and needs.

Start with just one or two to avoid feeling overwhelmed, then build up from there. Before you know it, you’ll be whipping up meals with efficiency and ease in your newly streamlined cooking headquarters. A decluttered and organized kitchen can make all the difference in how much you enjoy spending time in the heart of the home.


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